Winter Hiking Pub Crawl 2019

20190207: The Trip started early in the morning 6am. I got on the train to go to Elsterwerda. There I met Bombo. Together we drove to Dresden by car to met Prof. Purschke and Dr.Spinnebauch.

20190207: near Walddrehna

Then we all four trained to Schmilka-Hirschmühle, where we met the Wednesday early Hiker Team (Ali and Bresig). Unfortunately the ticket machine @Bischofsplatz not working(os broken).

Noon the weather is still fine.

After, arriving at the final train station location Schmilka-Deermil. We are hiking along the holy little path, where we are starting with the pub crawl.

The weather was awesome and the landscape is stunning.

After a couple of drinks and playing cards(wizard), we decided to hike to our finally destination (boofe).

Heringsgrund to holy path





After a really nice night in the boofe we started to met Martin Schmidt. The weather was really nice and we hiked two Stiegen. See pictures below.

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